Jesse Metcalfe

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It seems we are so exposed to edited images of models on social media that push the boundaries of a ‘natural’ look. Are we at an age where it isn’t so strange to edit out spots, blemishes, or even alter unsatisfactory body shapes, to meet societies current expectations? To what extent has social media become a simulacrum of reality, constantly blurring the already unclear line between what’s real and what’s fiction?

Through photography and digital art, I look to raise questions about how this hyperreal side to social media can have adverse effects on the mental health of their users. How much further could it evolve before it becomes a recognizable issue? If we are destroying the reality of our true selves, does it really matter?

I have used 3d objects (Rope and Bee) to add an extra layer of surrealism to this work, the purpose is to generate a symmetrical feeling that sits somewhere between reality and fiction. I have used editing techniques, professional retouchers use to blend skin tones and eliminate rough textures. This process is then pushed beyond what you might see on today’s social media to a point I believe will soon become ‘the normal’.

This work attempts to create a style of imagery that leaves the viewer with no clear distinction between what is real and what is not.

Artist: Jesse Metcalfe

Medium Photography & Digital Editing. 
Approx 2.4 metres in height. 1 metre in width.
UV Cured ink on Vinyl. ACM board.

Year: 2020