Jesse Metcalfe

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This series titled 'Modified' is exploring the way photos can now be manipulated with technology to look hyper-realistic but are very detached from real life by using photo editing tools such as Photoshop and ZBrush. This is a reflection on the application we have today custom-built into our devices that are able to remove 'imperfections' or even alter the shape of our faces.

The idea of hyperrealism is very present in this work as I have used models that are paid to look a certain way, I have then made them look more youthful to target the idea of looking young and how this may affect them as they age.

Will we begin to start making ourselves look younger if technology allows us to simply do so, and then will it become normal? 

Artist: Jesse Metcalfe

Models: Tilda, Nisrina, Inka, Cara, Katya, Bridget

Year: 2019