Jesse Metcalfe

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Pharming is a sculpture I made from glass, plastic, ceramic and paint. The idea is that a pill has burst open releasing a thick yellow liquid that represents emotion and fulfilment. It is being mopped up by ant-like humans, flocking to the slime, like ants do to syrup. My idea was to visually symbolise the way society chase the quick fix without question of the side effects, the way we slot these habits into our lives and how normalised the use of drugs is in everyday life.

I chose to create a sculpture for this idea of mine because I wanted to
create something the audience could explore from different angles. I hoped that when people walked towards the sculpture their initial impression of the work would change as they moved closer.

Photographer: Tod Holden

Materials: Glass, Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Ceramic, Plastic, PVA Slime, Canvas, Blu-Tac.

Key Ideas:  
- Pharmaceuticals
- What constitutes a legal drug
- Perspective
- Equilibrium
- Marketing
- Social Construct

Year: 2019


Acrylic paint on canvas. 
30" x 40"

I had the thought of focusing on a singular pill with a white background to make it seem as if it
was levitating. I felt this might give it a slight holy essence, a feeling of calmness.
The reasons behind this approach were to point out my very dramatic theory around the way
we look at medicine these days. It feels we look at medicine as the fixer of all, we take it
willingly when we have a problem or need a boost. It can come in all forms, a coffee, a
painkiller or even a beer but above all, it seems to be viewed as the solution to many
problems. They may not be all that negative, I just hope to make people think and question the


I noticed my work was starting to look very Warhol-esk, but what a great way to communicate my message than through over the top, bright imagery that really shows how ridiculous I find the topic. To create this I used Photoshop to convert the image to grayscale, bumped up the exposure and then created a halftone effect using a dotted pattern. I then hand-embellished colours over the pill section of the image in various colours.